**Disorientation Guide Release Party**

Join radfun and friends Saturday Sept 9th at Vail Co-op for a night of music, dancing, conviviality, rage, and love!

radfun has been working for the past month to put together the Disorientation Guide with the vision of radicalizing student culture on our campus. Many of you have probably already flipped through this zine, and gotten a sense of the hyperbolic though incredibly serious and necessary critiques that our collective has of the U and local politics. Saturday night is YOUR chance to get your hands on the Disorientation Guide, to ask questions (eg. wtf is radfun and why the HELL are we so cool/fired up about messing around), and join the conversation!

We’ll be hearing from local musical acts, the Platonic Boyfriends, and Clam ~~ !!!! There’ll be dramatic readings, and space for guests to make their voices heard!

We will be asking for a suggested donation of $3 so we can cover printing costs for the zine. We’ll also be selling color copies of the Disorientation Guide for those who want an extra special copy. Any extra funds will go to direct actions throughout the year. ❤

We are ALSO asking for no shitty oppressive behavior or words in this space! Please keep in mind that Vail house is a cooperative living space. This means that each person should feel a sense of belonging during the release party, and that guest are invited to carry on the cooperative tradition of community building and radical sharing of ideas and resources !!!!!

Doors @ 8, Music @ 9

❤ SEE YOU SATURDAY ❤  xoxo, radfun


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