Students in Solidarity with Lecturers’ Employee Organization (LEO)

The radfun student collective as well as activists from around campus and the region have been in discussion with UM’s chapter of LEO, which is a union that fights for the rights of faculty who are hired as “lecturers” by negotiating fair & just contracts and continually advocating for their members’ fair treatment. You may have seen them speaking at our Disorientation Guide Release Party, at the Revolutionary Youth Alliance mass meeting, or at the radfun initial gathering!

LEO works intersectionally to raise lecturer wages, build job security for non-tenured faculty, establish norms for disability accommodations, keep student tuitions low, and make teaching at the three UM campuses more inclusive.

If we piqued your interest, read more below! The two-pager by LEO is full of great info that explains what a lecturer exactly is, and why the union fights on their behalf! radfun will be working more with the union to build student solidarity with lecturer faculty in the coming weeks and months. The last thing Schlissel or the Regents want to see is well-organized students allied with lecturers demanding fairer pay and working conditions! Let’s shown them what power we have together!!!!!

~~Email if you’re interested in joining in to organize with LEO~~



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