*****QUEER NIGHT @ RICK’S******

Queer Night @ Rick’s is an occupation of an infamous straight bar and club in Ann Arbor that attracts a white, cishet clientèle every night BUT tonight! radfun has organized an party-takeover styled occupation of the club of the oppressor. We’re reclaiming space for queer bodies, queer politics, and queer imaginations in Ann Arbor! This is a clear continuation of the Disorientation Guide Release Party @ Vail Co-op on 09/08 ~~ a party based on building a new culture, instead of drugs, alcohol, and sex. We had a fantastic time there, and tonight @ Rick’s we’ll spread out into turf that’s been hostile to queerness, transness, non-white folks, and those with diverse abilities. Come dance with us ❤  Come shake things up ❤

10pm-12am @ Rick’s American Café

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Revolutionary Youth Alliance (RYA) ~~~ ANTI-GENTRIFICATION TEACH-IN

Revolutionary Youth Alliance is a new anti-capitalist and anti-fascist organization made up of radical youth from many communities in Washtenaw County, and organize in UM – Ann Arbor, WCC, and EMU. The group uses marxist theory & practice to create campaigns to build power among people and communities & are already putting pressure on those in power!! radfun will be co-organizing with RYA in the year to come.

If you give a *fuck* about the rising housing prices and increasingly ELITIST culture in our community, then join RYA and radfun this Sunday Sept 24 on the UM Diag for a teach-in on anti-gentrification. A parallel event is being organized in Ypsi’s Prospect Park on October 1st. Let’s fight for affordability & housing justice together!

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Students in Solidarity with Lecturers’ Employee Organization (LEO)

The radfun student collective as well as activists from around campus and the region have been in discussion with UM’s chapter of LEO, which is a union that fights for the rights of faculty who are hired as “lecturers” by negotiating fair & just contracts and continually advocating for their members’ fair treatment. You may have seen them speaking at our Disorientation Guide Release Party, at the Revolutionary Youth Alliance mass meeting, or at the radfun initial gathering!

LEO works intersectionally to raise lecturer wages, build job security for non-tenured faculty, establish norms for disability accommodations, keep student tuitions low, and make teaching at the three UM campuses more inclusive.

If we piqued your interest, read more below! The two-pager by LEO is full of great info that explains what a lecturer exactly is, and why the union fights on their behalf! radfun will be working more with the union to build student solidarity with lecturer faculty in the coming weeks and months. The last thing Schlissel or the Regents want to see is well-organized students allied with lecturers demanding fairer pay and working conditions! Let’s shown them what power we have together!!!!!

~~Email radfunUM@gmail.com if you’re interested in joining in to organize with LEO~~


**Disorientation Guide Release Party**

Join radfun and friends Saturday Sept 9th at Vail Co-op for a night of music, dancing, conviviality, rage, and love!

radfun has been working for the past month to put together the Disorientation Guide with the vision of radicalizing student culture on our campus. Many of you have probably already flipped through this zine, and gotten a sense of the hyperbolic though incredibly serious and necessary critiques that our collective has of the U and local politics. Saturday night is YOUR chance to get your hands on the Disorientation Guide, to ask questions (eg. wtf is radfun and why the HELL are we so cool/fired up about messing around), and join the conversation!

We’ll be hearing from local musical acts, the Platonic Boyfriends, and Clam ~~ !!!! There’ll be dramatic readings, and space for guests to make their voices heard!

We will be asking for a suggested donation of $3 so we can cover printing costs for the zine. We’ll also be selling color copies of the Disorientation Guide for those who want an extra special copy. Any extra funds will go to direct actions throughout the year. ❤

We are ALSO asking for no shitty oppressive behavior or words in this space! Please keep in mind that Vail house is a cooperative living space. This means that each person should feel a sense of belonging during the release party, and that guest are invited to carry on the cooperative tradition of community building and radical sharing of ideas and resources !!!!!

Doors @ 8, Music @ 9

❤ SEE YOU SATURDAY ❤  xoxo, radfun

welcome 2 radfun

We’re looking forward to a year of activism and dissent at the U. We’re not talking about the type of activism that’s applauded or co-opted by the administration, but about activism that builds relationships between people through action and discussion. We hope that you join this collective in this mission. We don’t have a hierarchal structure, and no defined positions, so your contribution to this group can truly be what you make it. Lead workshops, start a discussion group, organize small-team performance actions in town, or occupy a library — it’s all up to many of us coming together with our talent and passion to shake things up in Ann Arbor!

email us at radfunUM@gmail.com, like and follow us on Facebook, and come to our gatherings! Let’s radicalize together. Disorientation Guide_15.jpg

What is a Disorientation Guide?

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

This disorientation guide is a resource for new and current students at the University of Michigan to share and learn alternative perspectives about the University and what it means to be a part of the campus and Ann Arbor community. Drawing on a rich history of similar guides from campuses across the country, our Disorientation Guide exposes the cultures at our university and in our city that are complicit in systems of oppression; we hope that this zine speaks to the experiences of those of us who live under and within these systems. We invite all students to engage with this publication, to share it, and to constructively critique its contents. We hope the Disorientation Guide encourages students to build power and fight for our rights!