*****QUEER NIGHT @ RICK’S******

Queer Night @ Rick’s is an occupation of an infamous straight bar and club in Ann Arbor that attracts a white, cishet clientèle every night BUT tonight! radfun has organized an party-takeover styled occupation of the club of the oppressor. We’re reclaiming space for queer bodies, queer politics, and queer imaginations in Ann Arbor! This is a clear continuation of the Disorientation Guide Release Party @ Vail Co-op on 09/08 ~~ a party based on building a new culture, instead of drugs, alcohol, and sex. We had a fantastic time there, and tonight @ Rick’s we’ll spread out into turf that’s been hostile to queerness, transness, non-white folks, and those with diverse abilities. Come dance with us ❤  Come shake things up ❤

10pm-12am @ Rick’s American Café

Disorientation Guide_queer night at ricks (1).jpg



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