Revolutionary Youth Alliance (RYA) ~~~ ANTI-GENTRIFICATION TEACH-IN

Revolutionary Youth Alliance is a new anti-capitalist and anti-fascist organization made up of radical youth from many communities in Washtenaw County, and organize in UM – Ann Arbor, WCC, and EMU. The group uses marxist theory & practice to create campaigns to build power among people and communities & are already putting pressure on those in power!! radfun will be co-organizing with RYA in the year to come.

If you give a *fuck* about the rising housing prices and increasingly ELITIST culture in our community, then join RYA and radfun this Sunday Sept 24 on the UM Diag for a teach-in on anti-gentrification. A parallel event is being organized in Ypsi’s Prospect Park on October 1st. Let’s fight for affordability & housing justice together!

RYA ANTIGENTRIFICATIOND0874896-F03E-48CC-8EF4-03A921DA1062.png


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